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Michael Broughan's Testimony

Name: Michael Broughan                                                                                                                     

Job Title: Managing Consultant – Business Transformation

Company: Rolls Royce (Bergen Engines, Norway, a wholly owned subsidiary)

Brief outline of education/qualification background:

  • Diploma in Management Science (Open University)
  • Chartered Manager (Chartered Management Institute)
  • Project Management Professional   (Project Management Institute)

What was your motivation for studying for a masters degree?

1)       I have never followed the “traditional route”, of school to university, degree to masters, due to both family circumstances and intellectual desire. I frequently meet and work with numerous people that are heavily qualified in their fields and often we would discuss the “qualification VS experience” debate. I’ve heard how doing a Masters is so tough and demanding and one of my key reasons was to put myself through that same campaign of study, essays and dissertation that I’ve heard so much about, and experience it for myself.

2)       My second reason, is quite simply that I frequently use and comment on many theories and academics in the nature of the work I do, so I thought it a good idea to have this backed up with a piece of paper.

3)       Taking on this MDC masters was not related to job prospects, career enhancement or perhaps better salary chances, these items don’t really interest me, it was pretty much the personal test of being able to keep work going whilst doing a masters, akin to a long-term intellectual marathon, my knees are shattered from running so I can’t do that anymore so, this is just another type of personal test I put myself through!

What attracted you to studying with MDC?

1)       Firstly, if you wish it so, it’s a 12-month programme and I like that timeline rather than a sprawled out 18 or 24 month timeline.

2)       Secondly, I liked the approach, Modules 1 and 2, essays and then dissertation and I very much liked the idea that the second essay can start you off on the road to dissertation if that’s what you wish to do.

3)       I also liked the 2 Intensive Weekend towards the start, and that the timelines are pretty tight. This method, simply suits my style of working and the pace that I like.

4)       The final advantage is the degree of interaction with tutors and lecturers. It’s up to you how much or how little you engage, I liked the low –engagement approach, that I’d do the study, write the essays and be marked accordingly, with minimalist help, I want to be able to tackle the content of course myself and to prove to myself that I can do it with as little help from others, again, a self-test that I can grapple with and command and therefore deserve the masterliness title on a subject I’ve been working with for 20 years.

Having looked around at the offerings of many other like course, MDC offered the best balance of experience being considered, flexibility, timeline, self-study and then support as you need it.


How did you find your first residential weekend?

Interesting! I’ve been on a few of these doing other types of management courses so I was pretty well prepared. It was tough and intense but I loved it. It was well controlled, the accommodation is first class, the class sizes just perfect, the facilities are excellent and you came away knowing exactly what’s expected from you and when.


What advice would you give to someone deciding between this programme, an on campus programme or a distance learning programme?

The MDC programme sufficiently blends all of these learning channels to offer any student the best mix. We have the Weekends for the Taught lectures so you experience the authentic university approach and you have the distance element and the flexibility from that as well so life can continue as you wish, (or perhaps almost as you wish), a bit less time in the pub, I guess! If you like working in groups you can develop the relationships and work as part of small groups with others OR if you’re like me and want to test yourself alone, you can do exactly that. It’s all there for you to pick and choose from, depending on your preferred style.


Any other comments:

I was always daunted by the stories of these Master Programmes, in fact so much so that I almost was afraid that I’d never be able to cope with such a commitment. But, that’s just not the case. There’s a structure to it, study the content ground, work the essays, learn and follow the scientific method, know your statistics and get a good grip of the reference databases. Once you get these things sorted, then all you need is a bit of hard work on top and you’ll be a Master of your discipline.


Having come from where I come from, I’m quite delighted to be able to say that I’m studying for a masters in Management, something I always thought was beyond me when in actual fact, the opposite is the case. The MDC programme is a refreshing alternative method that allows experienced managers like me to go for a masters, in fact it’s so good I might even go further, who knows?


I would encourage anyone thinking about such a task not to be afraid of the rhetoric and master horror-stories and get yourself onto this course, you won’t regret it.

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